DRC in Africa

In Africa: –
1.Skill for Life for the Youths and Women:  We will offering training in Agriculture, gardening hair dressing and beauty, sowing, art and entertainment, construction work, sports, Mechanic and carpentry.
2.Health Education and Health Promotion (H.E.H.P): We will educating the youth and women how to protect themselves sexually and teaching them how to live a healthy life. We provide Contraceptive to help stop the spread of HIV or other Sexual Diseases.
3.Youth Entrepreneurship: For all graduate or undergraduate this programme will help them to start their own business by getting them in contact with the local business for training.
4.Women Empowerment:  The consequences of violence against women are on a rise and the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases do damage to reproductive organs, and broken bones. The prevailing stigma associated with sexual violence often leaves women isolated and increasingly vulnerable. The trauma a survivor experiences goes beyond her own suffering also rendering great costs to her family and community.
This programme will helps survivors heal and works with communities and institutions to break the cycle of violence. As first-responders in emergencies the women who are in this programme works hands-on to deliver urgent care and referrals for victims of assault. In longstanding crises, we provide safe spaces for women to come together for support and to build skills at our Kisenso Centre.
Working at the grassroots level, this programme helps women to make them heard in speaking about their experiences through books, music or any other means they can. We work with partners to help influence men and boys and to change the attitudes that foster violence against women. The recovery of communities devastated by war relies heavily on the participation of women and girls. This programme works to foster conditions in which women and girls not only survive the effects of conflict, but ultimately thrive.


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