Lack of water, lack of electricity and insecurity. Mount Ngafula: The inhabitants of Kimbondo complain

While water and electricity are no longer a major problem in some communes in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, this is not the case for the inhabitants of the municipality of Mont Ngafula, especially for those who resident in Kimbondo district. Indeed, electricity in this part of Kin la Belle is a treasure. In the case of water, for example, the inhabitants are obliged to pay 1,000 FC so that other people can draw water from springs like in the distant times when the canalization of the water of rivers to the cities does not take place. was not relevant.

On another level, there is the problem of roads.

Indeed, the roads of the district Kimbondo are totally difficult to attend. This, because there are more good roads especially for those which are conveyed to prevent erosions and crackings in the street, volunteers devote themselves taking care to arrange and maintain their streets to allow residents and visitors no longer have trouble walking through this neighborhood. Quality medical care is a right for all, in other towns in Kinshasa, in Mont Ngafula commune, precisely in Kimbondo district, there is a lack of hospitals, dispensaries and even pharmacies. For them, proper care does not exist. This is one of the problems that make the inhabitants of this neighborhood sad. Insecurity is also a frequent phenomenon.