Domestic violence victims in H&F get best support in London

domestic_violence_stock_photo_top_editVictims of domestic violence are getting the best support and protection in London thanks to an innovative partnership scheme from Hammersmith & Fulham Council and the police.

Launched in 2014, The Impact Project is a criminal justice partnership from the council, police and five other partners, tackling domestic violence and giving protection and support to victims.

Currently H&F Police has the best conviction rate for domestic violence cases brought before the courts in London, thanks largely to the great work of the new initiative.

“Victims of domestic violence often feel scared, isolated and vulnerable and can be daunted by the court process. Often this means cases never make it to court and perpetrators remain unpunished,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, H&F Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion.

“The Impact Project offers information and advice on the legal process, as well as practical support which has helped give victims the strength and courage to challenge their assailants in court and has lead to a conviction rate in H&F of 87.5 per cent.”