UK Congolese Community Unemployment rates lowest in nine years

ukStatistics showed 4,135 people claimed JSA in September, a drop of 4.2 per cent making it the lowest since January 2006.

The number of young people unemployed also fallen by 10 per cent while the percentage of long term unemployed decreased by 3.5 per cent.
Enfield council’s cabinet Member for economic regeneration and business development, Cllr Alan Sitkin, said: “This is great news for unemployed people in Enfield because it demonstrates all the work we are doing to encourage apprenticeships, work placements and match workers with jobs is paying off. This is

“We are working with the business community to create thousands of new jobs and getting as many people as possible into employment by creating the conditions companies need to thrive and grow.

“But we mustn’t be complacent, as long as we have people in the community looking for work we will do our utmost to find them jobs that suit both their and potential employer’s needs.”

Figures from the government also showed over 50 unemployment has dropped by two per cent.

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