Congolese Action Youth Platform (CAYP) cordially invite you to the 3rd annual gathering of GENO-COST- remembering

genocost-bannerA space born out of our passion to see change in the DRC. At the CAYP, we believe that if organisations and people fighting for justice and human rights, as well as promoting community and youth participation can share best practice and their expertise/knowledge in events such GENO-COST, we can find sustainable solutions to Congolese problems.  
For this reason, we would like to cordially invite you to the 3rd annual edition of GENO-COST 2015. Every 2nd August, we remember the over 6 million Congolese lives lost in the Congo war. As you certainly know, the Congolese conflict is far from over; every day, our mothers, sisters and daughters are raped, our young people are abducted to join militia groups, and the list can go on. This Memorial Day is also a day to evaluate and explore solutions that can concretely stop the inhumane situation in the Congo.
On this day we would also have present other keynote speakers such as; • Placide Bagalwa, Chairman of RCN • Christelle Ngama: Women’s Federation for World Peace Youth UK  
• Abbe Noel: from the Catholic church in Congo
Date: Sunday 2nd August 2015, 5pm-7pm Place: 43 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NA. Nearest tube station: Lancaster gate For more information on the event please see attached the event flyer, or visit our facebook page or twitter @Genocost


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