Demanding the release of Christopher Ngoy: DR Congo NGOs provide a march on February 16

ngAlso, they are calling to support their efforts for the release of their colleague Christopher Ngoy. In their statement, the Congolese NGO’s say stand alone and completely responsible, the Government of the Republic of everything that could happen to Christopher Ngoy.
Head of the non-governmental organisation “Synergy Congo Culture for Development” and host of platform “Civil Society of the DRC,” Mr. Christopher Mutamba Ngoy was arrested Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 20 h 30. It was in front of the Hotel Inter Matongé on Victory Square, in the commune of Kalamu .
past 16 days after his arrest, non-governmental organisations of human right (NGO’s) of the Democratic Republic of Congo say they have led unsuccessful steps to return the service to which it is located. The defenders of human rights have multiplied investigations after insurance Government that their colleague would be presented to justice. But they say that to date, this defender of human rights in frontline ground floor and fire comrade Chebeya, is still missing.
Human rights advocates are concerned about the situation of their colleague Christopher Ngoy and deplore the attitude of the authorities of the country as to what. After a press conference held in coalition on Saturday 24 January, in keeping Bazana room on the premises of the NGO Voice of the Voiceless (VSV), the NGO’s still met the press yesterday for an assessment of the situation.
Thus, these Congolese NGO’s say stand alone and completely responsible the Government of the Republic of everything that could happen in  Christopher Ngoy. They demand his release “pure and simple”, “the arrest and indictment of his kidnappers kidnapping, illegal detention, torture and inhuman and degrading treatment.”
Thus, they remain alert and reiterate their intention to manifest disapproval of all these violations dated February 16, 2015 at 09h 30 ‘and call supporting their approach to the release of Christopher Mutamba Ngoy.  
This defender of human rights, a-t -on learned, is working aggressively to respect for economic and social rights, including the rights of artisanal miners and union rights. It is one of the main initiators of the petition for the restructuring of the CENI after the 2011 elections, it is also one of the organisers of public demonstrations which the latest was the meeting of the repressed Sunday, January 11 2015.
To believe these NGO’s, removal followed an incident in the same day of 21 January 2015 the reference Kinshasa General Hospital, while the unfortunate visited the wounded and other victims of spontaneous demonstrations the past week. Yarn, he and his companions from the coalition “Save the ground floor” had managed to escape the first attempt.

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