The despair of young Congolese requires a response

74Seductive figures have recently been given the top of the podium of the United Nations by Joseph Kabila himself. The economic growth rate of the Democratic Republic of Congo is the envy of “the building will” and leaves no doubt as to the achievement of the objective of the emergence in 2030 …

 But it is in this “Congo standing” that is taking place right now a phenomenon that out of the ordinary. Already observed for several years, he reached the top at the beginning of October. For proof, you only have to flow through the capital. Cyber ​​cafes are black people, young eighteen and older. They play, as they say, the chance of their lives trying to get the right to settle in the United States of America through the American lottery DV-2016 held annually in October.

When asked about the reason for this desire to go elsewhere, young people say they have lost hope. They had thought that the opening of many projects in the country would trigger the fight against unemployment. But instead of meeting their expectations, they have preferred to accommodate a workforce from abroad whereas larger schools like the Institute of Buildings and Public Works, the Academy of Fine Arts, the various faculties polytechnic dump every year thousands of suitably qualified young people sentenced to whiten their hair in the corner of our streets playing under a burning sun the role of money changers or sellers cards cell phone.

Even though they know that the lottery finally reward a few dozen lucky young like to give it a shot, because that’s all they have left to do. And they add that even if it did not work this year, they will again next year.

These remarks should give pause. First, because a country derives much of its momentum from his youth and then because it is a negative signal to generate the questioning of certain policies appear to make little case of national , reduced to the role of the enforcement and reservoir of votes during the election period.

For years, we complain about the exodus from the countryside to urban centers. Our villages have been abandoned to themselves, young people have deserted to the cities where they hope to meet with happiness. And there was no different, unemployment remains at the rendezvous. The persistence of this situation is not likely to restore hope. We must act and especially twisting kick to policies that do not create collective happiness. Because there is always a kind of ashamed to be happy at the sight of some troubles, especially when such miseries affect an entire people, the global index of the UNDP Poverty authentic.

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