DRC: Calendar of Local election Malumalu receives additional support from the AMGO.

Regularity of programmatic schedule. In the light of consultations , consultations conducted by CENI with stakeholders in the political process underway, it is entirely appropriate that in order to clear the backlog double electoral regarding urban elections , municipal and local , a clear decision now whether in the opening and the materialization of the last democratic Republic of Congo.

Following the resolutions and recommendations of national Consultations and discussions raised by the assumptions of the Road map 2013-2014 election cycle presented to the National Assembly on 30 January 2014, the programmatic and schedule released will help stabilize the socio-political climate today characterised by an absolute distrust of the Congolese people face to face political actors.

Compliance with the Constitution. Having followed with interest the developed made ​​by the Chairman of Ceni , Father Apollinaire Malumalu May 26, 2014 after the publication of the calendar, GOES is right to congratulate the urban elections local, municipal and will not in any way overshadow the long-awaited presidential election 2016 maturities.

“We want to urge the Congolese political party ( majority and opposition ) to work shoulder to shoulder with CENI to enable it to properly plan the election of Governors, Senators and Members of Provincial Parliament in a shorter period ,” the statement said signed by Juma Limbisa Aboubakkar , Legal Representative , President for Africa.

Why it recommends that the Government of the Republic to make every effort to facilitate the full financing of the general election in accordance with the constitutional deadline .

In the National Assembly and the Senate to redouble their parliamentary activities to produce the desired legislative arsenal for the implementation of the electoral process. To courts and tribunals , to quickly organize the rehabilitation of the judicial system by the establishment of administrative tribunals empowered to decide electoral disputes under urban elections , municipal and local .

To the African community, international and MONUSCO , to effectively support the electoral logistics mobilizing donor funds identified to provide support to CENI and its partners . Finally the Congolese political Company ( majority and opposition ) to demonstrate its ability to scale by a genuine commitment to responsible attitude in the political and electoral process underway.

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