DRC: Last weekend The European Film Festival ended at Kinshasa

Tarton521his festival planned fictions , documentaries and animated films began May 10 and closed on May 16 in Kinshasa. Far from being simple moments of reunion , the six -day festival of European film were , as requested by the Ambassador of the European Union on the ground floor , an opportunity to share and a free opportunity to strengthen cultural ties between the Democratic Republic of Congo and the EU .

Cultural centers in Kinshasa Mutation (K -Mu ) at Ndjili The Bejarts to Bandalungwa welcomed these films. But only the course of this film was somewhat fuzzy K- Mu Theatre saw that there was repetition of the rain.

It should be noted that the cities of Kisangani in Orientale province , Bukavu in South Kivu and Moanda in Bas- Congo , through a few selected sites , also participated in the European party, ” which is why , in the years come, the festival will not take place only in Kinshasa but gradually extend to all the Congolese national territory, ” hoped the Ambassador of the European Union in the DRC , Jean- Michel Dumond .

In total, twelve films were screened for the 2014 edition . Reminder, the 2014 edition of the European festival offered a comprehensive overview of the cinema of Europe has allowed Kinshasa and the Congolese about to discover the European cinema emerging in recent years, in all its diversity and richness .

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