DRC: Public transit a “spirit of death” sown death to Lemba

23A trademark taxi-bus Mercedes 207, commonly known as “spirit of death”, has caused several deaths and injured serious Monday, February 03, 2014 at the height of the police Camp Kabila, in the municipality of Lemba. According to witnesses, the driver came from the Ngaba roundabout with passengers on board and travelling at high speed, on the road By Pass.
Therefore, he was able to curb the emergence of a motorcyclist. Carried away by momentum, taxi-bus 207 could not avoid the apparatus to two wheels. In shock “wewa» (motorcyclist) and his client have precipitated in a gutter.
Continuing his crazy race, 207 conducted two barrels before going to stop. The driver died on the spot, as well as several passengers whose number has not been determined. As the receiver for the taxi-bus, he escaped with two legs fractured and deep wounds.
Shortly after arriving on the scene of the accident, PCR (Police de Circulation Routiere) agents seized taxi-bus 207 to record it at the police station of the Limete exchanger. Some injured were evacuated to the hospital Kinshasa’s Lemba and others to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

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