DRC: Congo Child trafficking


Last year, a shocking testimony of a Congolese girl, led to the Lebanon by this network of trafficking of children was more than shocked throughout the Republic. It has undergone illegally intense housework in this country, while his executioners made him travel for reasons of study. Alerted, the National Assembly had set up a commission of inquiry to see clear in this case that affects many other Congolese children, according to the victim.

According to the spokesman of the Government, which has responded to this issue during its point of press yesterday, Wednesday, January 22, the authorities have since taken a certain number of measures to counteract this phenomenon. Among which, the prohibition to engage in any process of adoption of children over a period of a year, said Lambert Mende. This justifies the recent controls supported by the migration officers at the international airport of N’Djili, when it comes to boat accompanied by child or group of children.

If they are beneficial, it turns out that these measures do not appear to deter traffickers. Between Kinshasa and Kikwit, this phenomenon is reported. The Diocesan Commission ‘Justice and peace’ comes to recover a dozen children in Kinshasa, to make their parents. On 9 January, father Henri De Kethule of the congregation of Jesuits spoke of a gigantic child trafficking organized for nine months.

This phenomenon out Congolese customs and traditions? This is the great question, full of concern, the population begins to arise. Before going into the details of the monetary reasons that push some people to such a practice, should first take an introspective look. This phenomenon cannot, above all, out of the safe and legal laxity in the country.

There is a security deficit in control of travel and the destinations of all these children already embedded. God only knows how long this traffic and how many children continue to be victims.

Legally, it must be somewhere, deplore the lack of rigour in the application of the rules for the adoption of children and control numbers of NGOs or orphanages legally established to supervise the children.

It is true that if this traffic continues its merry way, fear will enthroned in the middle of the parents and children in the country. “We call on the authorities of the country to be involved against the trade in human beings humans. ” In this century, it would be a humiliation for the DRC if this phenomenon is not stopped”, worries Arsène Ngondo, President of the Diocesan Commission ‘Justice and peace’ of the Catholic Church of Kikwit.

Apart from Bandundu and Kinshasa, is to check in all corners of the Republic, the existence of this phenomenon too which is added.

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