DRC: A drama of Mont Fleuri!

CHOQUEThe neighborhood of the town of Ngaliema lived the deplorable accident scene. Indeed, the evening of January 18, around 6 p.m., a young man name of Eric Ndomba found death and cela due to electric shock. This accident took place in torrential rain. Misfortune would have stepped on an electrical cable badly isolated and released from the Earth by rain. This unfortunate event took place on the avenue of peace. The young man, aged thirty years, according to witnesses, fell on a bamboo roots, on the edge of the Mapenza River which winds the avenue of peace. He was, always according to witnesses, drunk.
Just after this shock, the population of peace avenue ran on instead of the drama. Some to commiserate and others to try to remove the body of the young Eric. Thing made one hour and a half after. The latter deemed polite, hardworking and friendly, leaves his own flush with age and leaves a void in his family. The body of the deceased, worn by young people of the district, after having removed the bamboo at the bottom from which it had fallen, has more than moved about the world. An agent of the State on-site has made a finding on this drama. That the misfortune of having lost it, does not forget his happiness to have known and that his soul rests in peace!

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