DRC: After Kuluna Mombele, remains the fight against unhealthy

65Kinshasa seems, for some time, food cravings divorce his pathetic reputation of the” most dining capital in the world.” That, since the launch of remediation through some actors under the paw of the current government. In the main streets, sweepers are now visible day and night. Almost everything is done to drive unsafe.

However, this is far from reality in some suburbs, like Mombele.

Rubbish out of sight, gutters clogged, pothole, crowded … the Mombele this area face a public trash can. Execrable is the living conditions in this environment. The worst of all is that municipal authorities do not give the appearance of being challenged by this situation.

According to some people, one of the major causes that promote this unhealthy, there is a lack of litter on the streets of Mombele and no gutters can direct water from the river Kalamu.

But aside from these major causes, there are those within the mentality of the population. Is itself confuses the gutters in the garbage by throwing garbage and is not involved in maintaining the environment.

No thank you after a fight against “Kuluna” Mombele the district still has a hard struggle to lead. This time, against the unhealthiness.

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