DRC: 2014 Malumalu confirms the election year!

3256He exchanged long this Friday, December 27, 2014 at the headquarters of INEC with the Italian Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. MARIANI PIO around the electoral process in the country. Exchange of vows between two personalities, but also a very muscular work session on the feasibility of the upcoming elections in the DRC. The year 2014 will be an election year, announced Malumalu, inviting all Congolese to prepare for major events that take shape.

The Abbot Malumalu reaffirmed the main challenge of the institution ie
hold elections each year from 2014 until 2016. In
short, the president of the CENI means place a timing schedule that align from the last months of 2014, urban elections,
municipal and local before those provincial concern, the
Senate and the election of governors in 2015 later buckle
with the presidential and national legislative elections in 2016. We
walk to work. “* We are currently launching the operation
reliability of the electoral register and mapping * “Has he told
the press stating that the Ceni works hard these days with the
government for two objectives: Nailing budgets elections
urban, municipal and local that will take place at the end of 2014 and provide
the Ceni together with the government, a budgeting tool
that will generate multi-year global and exact cost of
elections. This budget should set each other on particular
long-awaited government in relation to other support contribution
expected precisely the international community. “From the *,
we know how to expose the various partners queries
contributions. We have also agreed with the Prime Minister that
would be useful for queries we develop together, the government and
the CENI, so it is much easier to mobilize
resources *, “said President the National Electoral Commission
Independent (CENI). Italy for better elections than 2011 Ambassador of Italy in the Democratic Republic of Congo said base itshopes on the new leadership of INEC for organizing successful elections at all levels: “* I hope that the elections will indeed take place in a transparent, peaceful and credible * ” Has he said while ensuring that the country relies on the expertise andcompetence new leaders of the Ceni: “* I am sure, with the experience and capabilities of the Abbot Malumalu, we hope that it will be much better than 2011 * elections, “Does he concluded. The Italian diplomat does not exclude support funding from the international community, his country and especially the European Union. Mr. Mariani for PIO must pre-everything, have a clear idea of the real costs of different elections that the DRC intends to organize. Because it is “very elections enormous, “he argued.Malumalu called stakeholders in the electoral process to prepare now Several elections will succeed from this new year 2014. Deadlines going not only require a strong involvement of external partners, but also and above all the political forces and social Democratic Republic of Congo. The Abbot Malumalu in a so-called all-out mobilization of political actors in all their diversity, the civil society, those of religious groups, officials and leaders of media, organizations involved in election observation, the courses and courts for the treatment of electoral disputes, leaders customary and traditional authorities, youth, women,people with disabilities, etc.. “* And we hope that everyone will hopefully prepare. And do not forget that we have several elections will succeed until 2016 *, “said the president of the CENI. “* We have an interest, now, to put us in an election atmosphere and know that it is the fruit of our work to each other, according to their responsibilities, which will allow our elections to be credible * ” has further supported the Abbot Malumalu. This announcement is therefore reassure the national community of the reality election of 2014, 2015 and 2016. This calls for credibility and transparency in easing to a democratic electoral competition and fair to all.

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