DRC: Fight against corruption in the DRC. The media and civil society in capacity-building workshop

16Organised by the Open Society Initiative structure for Southerm Africa (Osisa), this five-day Conference gathered more than a dozen NGOs Congolese civil society coming from the province of Bas Congo, from Bandundu, Katanga and those of Kinshasa.Le context defined by the workshop stipulates that the Government of the DRC, despite some pockets of insecurity in some corners of the Republicfits in the fight against corruption to ensure the harmonious development of his country. On this, he joined in a number of international treaties and conventions promoting the fight against this scourge. These include: the the United Nations convention against corruption, the African Union for the prevention and the fight against corruption, the Sadc anti-corruption protocol,…

As in his logic of multiplication of meetings for reflections on the fight against corruption and occupying of distributive justice, the economic and social justice Osisa program has organized in 2012, a day of analysis and Exchange on the mechanisms to fight against corruption in the DRC. The main recommendation addressed to civil society during this workshop was more active involvement in the monitoring of the Government’s commitments both at the national, regional and international levels in the field of prevention, detection and the fight against corruption.

Hajia Amina, has in his word, recalled the specific goals of this training is to bring civil society organisations and State institutions to do a critical analysis of the national policy of the fight against corruption; strengthen the exchange of knowledge and synergy of the work of civil society in the analysis of the implementation of the treaties, protocols and convention on the fight against corruption.

As the overall objective, the responsible for economic justice by Osisa added that it is “strengthening the advocacy and monitoring by civil society organizations for compliance with international and national of the DRC this fight commitments.”

When the Honourable Mr Upira, which focused on the State of places of legislation Congolese in prevention, detection and suppression of corruption. He has insisted on a fact after his long speech, “corruption in the DRC, the responsibility is shared at all levels”. Speaking of the fight of this scourge in the sub region and in the world, he paraphrased Franz Fanon by saying that “Africa has the form of a gun whose trigger is in the DRC. In other words, to combat more effectively corruption in the world, it must begin in Congo Kinshasa.

Director country of Osisa, meanwhile, insisted on the commitment of everyone in this fight against corruption. For Nick Elebe, the fight must be everyone’s business and not others, “the fight against corruption starts with us, members of the civil society”, he meant.

Some observers think that above all in black Africa, the problem of corruption is first linked to the deterioration of the social fabric. And to estimate that in order to better combat with visible effects later, should begin by treating this true obstacle.

In a nutshell, Osisa is a foundation of the human rights in southern Africa, with mandate which includes operations in ten countries of the subregion. Its mission focuses on advocacy for the implementation of public policies that assure greater fairness in political, legal, economic and social systems and safeguard fundamental rights of citizens.

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