DRC: December 2013. “Deaf festival gives voice to PVH in Kinshasa

15835-drc-flag_articleFor its fourth edition, the “off” festival will be held from 1 to 3 December 2013 in Kinshasa, will highlight the artistic talents of deaf and hard of hearing people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For three days, the festival of people living with disabilities (HPV) going to experience the presence of equipped in the drama, the deaf and hard hearing artists from Great Britain, Belgium, North Africa and the Sub-Sahara Africa. In total, more than a dozen specialized European and African companies in theater, dance, music, storytelling, film will travel to Kinshasa. You should also add an exhibition of works of art during this this unique cultural event of its kind.

In this great appointment of culture, he also held workshops, theater performances, music and other cultural activities to please large goers. Among the topics selected for discussion are also trade on the rights of people living with disability and the practice of art by this category of people.

Among the figures prove the value of this category of persons, we note the presence of Ruth Gould, artistic director of the festival DaDafest England. Dadafest is an artistic platform for deaf and hard of hearing based in Liverpool, UK. For the record, the “Off off” festival is initiated in Belgium by Nyaramaraba Production Association project. The aim here is to promote the theatrical creations by deaf and hard of hearing.

To make its actions more visible, after the organization of the first two editions of the festival in Brussels, the Belgian house Nyaramaraba moved his third and fourth edition of the festival in the DRC. In the DRC, this collaboration was made possible by the Theatre Company Congolese Mabin’a Maboko Production Centre Programs and media awareness of the Deaf (CPPS).

Congo, beyond those hard of hearing and deaf, Off Off opened through the third and fourth editions of other categories of people with disabilities working in the cultural sector. To do this, it is during this fourth edition that Mabin’a Maboko Company plans to launch the first edition of “Alternative Handicap.” A festival to be held now, the DRC to develop the HPV focusing on the relationship between disabled people and those living with disabilities by means of arts and entertainment.

On the CPPS, it is worth note that the latter was created in 2009 by Freddy Mata, after his studies in social sciences at the Higher Institute of Information Science and Communication. The issue of education of the deaf in the 2006 elections in the DRC, it is his dissertation research which is the basis for the creation of manufacturing center supports and programs for the deaf.

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