DRC: The Points” poll 72% of kinois not interested in national consultations!

011The challenge to the elections of November 28, 2011 and its consequences on the country’s unity, paved the way to the Organisation of the national consultations for national cohesion. Their convening expresses both the will of the head of State to meet its commitments towards African peers and the determination of the Congolese people to resolve their problems in the best interests of the Nation.
Upon announcement of the composition of the presidium, voices are raised in deploring the choice made by the president of the Republic. Therefore, the leadership of two personalities at the head of the two offices of the Parliament has been questioned, resurrecting, at hints, the old debate on staff the head of State needs to carry out his vision for the DRC. And some people would even prefer a presidium held by neutral African personalities. It is in this confusion that is launched the idea of setting up a Government of national unity at the end of the consultations which the Kinois reserve, for the first time, a non-solid.
What interest the Kinois giving national consultations and what do think of the wide national unity Government after the official launch of the work?

The second wave of the Points-consultation national barometer gives less favourable indications for component communication of the basis of Kinshasa. 72% of the interviewed Kinshasa do not follow the progress of the work. The 22% who are interested, only 9% are attached permanently against 13% following occasionally. They believe that the dissemination of meetings goes unnoticed in the mainstream media and, therefore, it is still far from the big craze known in front of the media during the National Sovereign Conference and the work of the Francophonie. Everyone goes about their business as usual.

In addition, 31% of those interested in the foundations of the Palace of the people believe that the Praesidium is consensual. On the other hand, 54% are bias and opacity that characterise the presidium. Thus, he notes, that several motions have been adopted without prior debate.
In the same category, 67% of respondents believe that delegates to the meetings are only for their own interest, reference to the per diem and other political arrangements. Moreover, these per diems are considered too exorbitant for a country which faced war and full financial reconstruction.
Meanwhile, a month after the first sampling of opinion on the broad national union Government, the Kinois remain opposed to the initiative. A new survey on the subject shows an increase of 12% of the negative trend. No changes from 62% to 74%. 45% of this category wants a simple technical team Matata redevelopment, while 55% adhere to the idea of a profound change as long as the head of the Government be maintained to continue the momentum of economic growth and the emergence of other sectors.

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