DRC: Adopted rules of procedure consultation, here are the sites of work!

003The serious stuff will have to begin, after the Grand opening ceremony of national consultations, last Saturday, chaired by Joseph Kabila. The rules of procedure had been adopted by the participants, this Monday, September 9, 2013, during the first plenary of this Conference, now place in the actual discussions. But well before the Presidium has unveiled 5 sites which will host the 5 themes selected by the order n ° 13/078 26 June 2013. It’s rooms of international Conferences and performances of the Palace of people; the big conference rooms of the Hotels Invest, African Palace and Royal. The concertateurs have, the same yesterday, freely chosen, the themes in which they will contribute to the building of national cohesion objectives. Only, there are still small concerns. Backstage at the seat of the Parliament, he whispers that debate, away from cameras, is done on the amount of the per diem. The figure of 400 USD per day would be advanced, in addition to support for the catering, accommodation and travel. This is what is at the base of the shoving, even at the last minute. A commission would be set up to harmonize the lists. By 686 participants expected at the outset, it is safe to bet that it comes to 700 or more. Are we going to meet the deadline of 20 days fixed by the order creating these seats? Question is there.
After the agreement opening ceremony, last Saturday, in the Conference Hall of the Palace of the people, the work of the national consultations will have take the cruise speed, this Tuesday, September 10, 2013.
Yesterday, Monday, September 9, 2013, it was held, on the same site, the first plenary of this Conference. Occasionally, the delegates adopted, without debate, the rules of procedure of this high mass. And this, for the simple reason that at the level of the Group of contact, all almost had been read various articles that entails this document and therefore voted.
Then followed the registration of delegates on the lists of the themes selected by the presidential order n ° 13/078 26 June last portant creation, organization and functioning of the national consultation Forum.
The same yesterday, has been made to the distribution of the various sites that must accommodate the five themes, namely: International Conference Hall which houses the Senate; the Auditorium of the Palace of the people; the Hall of the Hotel Invest; the Multipurpose room of the African Palace Hotel as well as the great conference of the Royal Hotel.

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