DRC: Funa district affected by two months no electricity

3210For more than two months, there is more current electric in the municipalities that form the Funa district. It is the municipalities of Selembao, Bumbu, Ngiri-Ngiri, Bandalungwa, Makala and Kalamu.
Situation that engages more than one consciousness, when we know that the Democratic Republic of the Congo is able to provide electricity to all Africa; River scandal not to mention that potentially, the Inga dam is the most powerful in the world. It is to wonder why countries that take this commodity to the land of Lumumba, among other Congo-Brazzaville and Zambia, have always satiety and provision…
This deserves response, when we know that the Congo, supplier country, suffers the system known as load shedding, term become popular to explain that when each have electricity, others are left in the dark.
Elsewhere, always in this large megalopolis of nearly 10 million inhabitants, there are black pockets, i.e. areas where lack of electricity is spread over several months, or even years.
The company that produces and distributes electricity, the Snel, explains this anomaly in terms of burnt transformers and obsolescence of the network of distribution cables.
And when there’s no electricity, the highwaymen and other groups of criminals (the kuluna) erect barriers where they happily looted peaceful citizens.
It is known to all that thugs like always there where there is no lighting. In the meantime, the Snel hinder send invoices to its subscribers, yet not served in electricity during the month. The inhabitants of this part of the capital make an appeal to the Government so that it tries to find a solution and put an end to the phenomenon “downloading”.

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