DRC: International Festival of music starts on 10 August in Kinshasa

seleoThe 6th edition of the international Festival of the stars (grant) will be held from 10 to 17 August next to the Grand Hotel Kinshasa. This celebration of African music is the theme: “the stars celebrate peace for a Congo without rape and AIDS.Nearly 100 international musicians are expected in this festival to celebrate peace and bring a message of solidarity to the women of the East of the DRC, and contribute to the campaign against AIDS. Among the guests expected at this music festival, the Senegalese Ismaelo who will play on the same podium Friday, August 16, with the Congolese Koffi Olomide.
“We we organize to raise and we use this festival as a vector of message passing,” explained the head of Fiet, Serge Kayembe.
Three weeks before the event, the decor is already planted in the Grand Hotel Kinshasa where the construction of the site are very advanced.