DRC: School support at N’djili. Officials of poor children salute the commitment of eye of the child Association

arton50838-0c312In the commune of N’Djili, free school Luzala opened last week, the proclamation points marking the end of the 2011-2012 school year. School Coordinator, Mi-Claire Bakusetibo told the press the satisfaction of those responsible for children. “The proclamation took place in compliance with the current school calendar.
Staffing, such as shown in the charts indicated thirty-three students for the second year and twenty-four for the fourth year. Under the partnership, it should be noted that the Association of eye of the child, AOE transfer students in a number of surrounding schools, where they are supported to the budget of the Association”, she said.
Indeed, the free school Luzala is located on street Yanda, the XIII district in the commune of N’Djili. It is our duty as a teaching instructor Suzanne NLandu report particularly deplores the frequency of delays with some children. Aware of the year that is ending, the communication between the school and parents was not warm as it would have liked the establishment. Because some do not manifested themselves, not once as if the situation of the child at the school could not be the subject of concern. For the 2011-2012 school year, the student Mampatu Fiombi of the 2nd year of primary conducted 87%.
It was followed respectively Balogun Waku, Roshan Mafuta, Maniku Tuesday, Mintangu Joseph, Lufulakio Makwala, for the first six with 86.4; 84.3; 83.9; 81.9; 81.9. For the 4th year, the charts on the hand of the instructor Luzolo Dingansi Elie, indicates twenty and one success on twenty-four students. Does Mwanza zinga, Luvambu Véronique, Nesbitt Makesa NLandu Lubaya, Mataya Hashoo Makonda Vasumathi, Tukubama Belenge with respectively in terms of percentages: 79.2; 75, 7; 67; 63.8; 63.6; 62.6; 62.5. The report of the co-ordinator indicates that for students supported with partner schools, Vita Kimpa school Kimbanguist de Kimbanseke daughter projects in 4th scientist, after completing 61, 3%.
Lessa Kapitao and Shamalayah Ibay passing one and other in 2nd grade, received 59.6% and 56,7%. College Vedrune of the religious Spanish district XIII at N’djili, daughter Masa Luzala once gifted and presented as a model of children supported by the AOE, primer unfortunately puberty in the turmoil and declining academic performance. It aligned in 11th place, and got 61% of points. Reading and introduction to the computer during the holidays during major holidays, children identifying themselves to the AOE are invited to the free reading at the library of the Yanda Street at the XIII district and initiation to the computer, noted sue Coordinator for recall, the president of the Association of eye of the child, AOE, Ferdinand Mbala Zi-do Sielele made mention of this during a meeting with the heads of children.
It was during a stay in Kinshasa, from January 15 to February 21. This association headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, is intended to help schools and other structures of supervision of youth to develop libraries for free consultation. The proponent of the school of street Luzala travel allowed between other programs, to undertake contacts within the order of the objectives of the AOE. It is in this sense that new libraries were established respectively in Brazzaville and Kinshasa.
The aforementioned Luzala school collects and educated underprivileged children. These are generally children without one or both parents. The president of the AOE took his last stay in Kinshasa, to hold a meeting for the children said officials. During the meeting, in fact, the focus was on some major aspects: time of arrival and the hygiene at school; parents must accustom children to attend the library located within the walls of the school. the communication relating to the launch of the initiation à l’informatique (equipment being available at the school); school inserts the taking of milk in the daily restoration of students. “Because a mini-survey conducted for this purpose, has shown that many students that we scolarisons are not familiar to the regular taking of milk,” said the promoter.