DRC: Festival Ciné right free: the film on “child soldiers in the DRC” on display at Ouagadougou

cineMovie ‘Rebel’ Director do N’Guyen, devoted to child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is among those retained in the ninth edition of the festival Ciné right free, open from 22 to 29 June 2013 to Ouagadougou, the Burkina Faso capital.
The 9th edition of the “Festival Ciné right free”, the largest festival in West Africa devoted to films committed to human rights, opened on Saturday, June 22, 2013, under the theme “Whither Africa”. The official opening ceremony of the festival took place on Sunday, June 23, 2013 to Institute French Georges Méliès in Ouagadougou.
According to the website iciLome.com, the 9th edition of the festival which runs until June 29, 2013, welcomes more than 40 films speaking on freedom of expression and human rights.
They will also answer the question “Whither Africa?”, which is also the theme of the event, according to the organisers. The films showing, include “Rebel”, telling the story of a child soldier embrigadée force in an armed group.
Immediately released, the film end 2011 at Kinshasa by Kim do N’Guyen harvest a resounding success and glane a multitude of awards from around the world where it is screened. Whether in the United States, the Canada, France, Belgium, or India… Junior Kalukani, Congolese filmmaker who spotted the young actress, decides to become the manager and accompanied him in all his travels in the world. It also strives to give accelerated French courses to enable him to better express themselves in public.
Flattered by this success, the Canada, who had never seen, since twenty years, one of its films nominated at the Academy Awards, the biggest night of trophy of the seventh art, is angels.
‘Rebel’, a competitor of size
Apart from “Rebel”, there is also the participation of films such as ‘President’, new film by the Cameroonian Jean Pierre Bekolo, ‘The Ambassador’, Mads Brugger or even «Sababu, hope, a work on an Ivorian musician Tiken Jah Fakoly.
“Burkina Faso productions are represented by films like ‘God protects the guards’ of Boubacar Sangare,”Mr. Halidou, fight”by Mohamed Babu,”Saré Peul”t, Newton Ahmed Barry”, “exile, the voice of speechless» by Salam Zaigham,”Land war”of Aziz Nikiema.
Great artists are expected including the Burkina Faso reggaeman Zedess, Ambassador for the fight against corruption, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Billy Billy, Soum Bill, comedian Marechal Zongo and the collective Filiken ‘ there are fed up.
The films will be screened in amphitheaters, dormitories, prison Ouagadougou or even at the French Institute and Goethe-Institute for the Festival 25,000 announced.
The festival also provides conferences-debates, exhibitions and a competition called ’10 minutes to convince’ for students.
“Cine right free undertook to organise debates on themes of topical at the University, at the place of the students, so not only bring students to enhance their general culture, but also to be able to overcome the stress of the crowd to speak”, explain the organizers.
The “Cine right free” Festival was created in 2005 by the Association Semfils, working for the promotion of human rights through the image.
With regard to the above, the participation of the film “Rebel” devoted to child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in which took part the Congolese Rachel Mwanza as main actress, is a hard blow for the other films that are in front of a competitor of difficult to tame size.

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