DRC: Kinshasa- Fake pharmacists decimating the population

fake+drugs+picsThe health sector is sometimes neglected in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Kinshasa, for example, people do go to the hospital when it comes to a serious case. Otherwise, they trust fake pharmacists who, without any consultation, orders that they give them to get treatment with all the risks entailed by this attitude.
However, the question that opinion arises is whether these sellers of pharmaceutical products are actually the domain. Of the mini-survey that we have conducted, it appears that most vendors in pharmacies of Kinshasa are not in the domain of medicine.
Ms. Annie, saleswoman in a pharmacy in Masina: “Pharmacy is not my area, medicine plus. But, as I have no job, stay at home was not a good idea. My husband had decided to set up this facility. And as we have no way to pay for a pharmacist, it is myself who works there. There are times, when I’m prevented my children that replace me, them also, aren’t in this field”, she added.
M.Ndombi Mahajan: nurse at the Health Centre Maziba to the snowman in the commune of Matete district: “any doctor, before making an order, must refer the patient. But this is not the case in most of our pharmacies. Worse, the majority of those who sell in these pharmacies, have no notion in this matter. They prescribe any product for any disease. A pregnant woman, for example, without control, they give any product ignoring this can cause abortion.
Opinion of the population
His side, population requires the responsibility of this distraction to the Ministry of public health which has not really his responsibility and yet it is he who has under his responsibility the health field.
Mr. Hugues, living in the town of Masina: I think that the Government, through its representative who is the Ministry of health which must draft a law prohibiting those who are not in the domain to take the risk of go sale in pharmacies. We cannot go to hospital even when we have a simple headache. In this case, we can only ask the pharmacist. But, in the context of Kinshasa, it becomes complicated because of inexperienced people working in most of our pharmacies”, he said.
And, as can be seen, the majority of sellers of drugs in Kinshasa are not pharmacists have no knowledge in this area. This wants to say that entrusting these people sick run many risks. Because sometimes the prescribed products are not valid and can easily lead to complications that may result by the death from which numerous cases of deaths recorded daily in the capital of the DRC.
The impression that emerges is that of believing that the health sector is sometimes neglected in our country and yet, it is one of the concerns of the head of State in the pane of the 5 yards. As health has no price, the Ministry of public health is called undoubtedly responsibilities.

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