DRC: Prevention against pharmaceutical crime. The fight against fake drugs

fake+drugs+picsCity province of Kinshasa is among cities teeming ‘shops of death “. These death shops sell counterfeit medicines, without be concerned. The new team of the national Council of the order of the pharmacist with a short mandate, has promised to take action on ground, for the prevention of pharmaceutical crime: namely the counterfeiting of brand and generic drugs, identification and dismantling of organized crime networks. This illicit activity generates each year profits totalling millions of dollars.
It is important to “educate the public about the dangers of fake drugs, in particular buyers. According to the World Health Organization “in more than 50% of the cases, drugs purchased on illegal sites concealing their physical address are counterfeit products”.
Fake drugs killed many people in our country without you noticing. Syrup of counterfeit cough and other drugs containing the diethylene glycol have been the cause of eight poisonings of mass around the world. The DRC is not the only victim of counterfeiting, a credible source tells us that in 2012, in Pakistan, some 109 patients with heart disease have also died after absorbing a fake drug.
Hence the need for the national Council of the order of pharmacists to combine training, strengthening of capacities through targeted actions of repression. Beyond the awareness of the problem, the challenge is to disrupt and dismantle organized crime networks involved in various types of pharmaceutical crimes such as counterfeiting, illicit sale or diversion.
“No country, no medicines and no medical product is protected from counterfeiting fills.” National action is therefore needed to combat this threat, which endangers millions of lives every day (…). The medical inspection must help the industries to more effectively combat the problem of counterfeiting of medical products”without compromise for the happiness of the population.